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Date:Friday January 21, 2005 1:52:50 pm MST
Subject:Help for a newbie!
Message:A week ago today I bought a (approximately - breeder not quite sure) 6 month old Nanday from a breeder. He (or she? not sure, but he was already named Andy) was a hand fed baby, but had not been socialized with other people - only birds (breeder was a single person)...he was not happy at first to be held, but after several minutes of stroking, being held close to my chest, nestled under my chin and me whispering to him, he started to relax....he would clumsily sit on my hand - didn't know "up" and apparently hadn't spent much time on a hand - was used to being carried around on a shoulder...he seemed to accept me and my daughters well...but seemed very shy (or just totally unused to such love and attention)...we fell in love and brought him home...he has a very large cage with lots of toys, a happy hut which he absolutely loves, etc...he seems to be eating and pooping well...but he doesn't want to be taken out of his cage, although once out he settles down...are we expecting too much from him too soon? We also brought home a 4 month old green-cheek at the same time, and he has settled in better - he now knows "up" and hops onto my hand everytime I put it in his cage - he is eager to hang with us, loves his bath or shower, etc...should I just quit comparing the two and accept that Andy (our Nanday) may need a much longer adjustment time and just be very, very patient? Any advice/suggestions are very much appreciated!!!

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