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Date:Friday January 21, 2005 12:23:13 am MST
Subject:Why Red feathers around black mask on "some" Nandays?
Message:Hi Again... again,
Juuuust wondering...

I noticed my fml Nanday Ariel started getting a subtle "blush" affect of red feathers bordering her black mask and going towards her neck area, all the way around. Now that she's getting a little older (8 months) it's gotten darker and more red is scattered around that border, and some pure red feathers track along toward her eye inside the all black area, and a little tiny pure red feather right above her beak. In some pictures of Nandays I've seen that light red blushed look on that black feather border, but not quite as dark and pronounced as hers. I've also seen some pics of Nandays without that red at all.

My question is does that mean anything? Does it mean she (and other conures) was mixed with another conure a long ways back and the red is coming through? Is it a female thing? When will her feathers become completely what age generally?

Ariel was found in a downed nest as a hatchling with 4 other siblings outside a post office building, and hand raised from there on. She was the runt so her development was always slightly behind the others, but she's grown to become a full sized and colored bird.

Thanks to all the people who respond on this site, and go through all the trouble of reading on about my bird, and I hope I'm not having "Grandma can't stop talking and showing pictures of her grandchildren" syndrome. If I am, well, thanks for putting up with it!

Thanks Again!

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