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Date:Thursday January 20, 2005 11:56:07 pm MST
Subject:Strange new behavior from Nanday... what is it about?
Message:Hi Again,
I've recently noticed a new, interesting and comical behavior from my 8 month old female Nanday conure, "Ariel". All of the sudden she will get this funny wide eyed look and puff up and her eyes will pin point and turn all yellow, and she will prop open her wings slightly with her shoulders out the farthest, and rock slowly side to side, or in a circular motion. I think she might sometimes make funny noise when she does it. At first I thought it looked like she was possessed and crazy and she might be aggressive (and she's quite tame), or she was challenging me or something, and trying to look tuff, but she is just as affectionate and tame when she's having this "episode", and will let me pet her or "step up" and keep going with it for around 5-10 seconds. I've noticed she tends to do it while looking in a mirror more, but will sometimes do it out of nowhere while perched on me. Is this some kind of mating dance, or what? It's pretty funny and she really does seem possessed when she does it, since she moves so slow and calculated while in this weird wide eyed, wings out, puffy state. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is? I know I didn't teach it to her!


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