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Date:Sunday January 16, 2005 5:43:47 pm MST
Subject:Combining Nandays w/ other species?
Message:I have an 8 month old female, very tame, Nanday. She's always shown herself to be very easy going with other birds she didn't know, of all species. She basically acts almost as if they aren't there, but will sometimes mildly push them away with opening her beak and pushing towards them.

I recently got a budgie (parakeet) and had them in a cage side by side. Ariel (my Nanday) and the Skyler (the budgie) both have their cages left open mostly and Ariel would wander in and out and not bother the budgie, except only mildly as I've described before. The worst she acts is when she seems to pinch at the budgie but never really puts force into it, and doesn't keep pursuing. I've been keeping the budgie in the Nanday's cage because I really wanted a quiet companion for my Nanday, and so I'm trying this combo out.

My Nanday does seem to boss the budgie around sometime, but at most they eat side by side and everyone seems happy. A plus factor in my mind is also that the budgie is so fast,wirey,and can fly so he can easily elude the Nanday over and over again inside the fairly large cage.

Has anyone ever had any experiences of odd combos with conures? I'm curious for some takes on what some experienced people know about combining such different birds. All responses are very appreciated!
Thanks so much!!

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