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Date:Saturday January 15, 2005 10:09:38 am MST
Subject:Re: could turning on a oven kill a nanday?
Message:Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can only imagine the gaping hole in your heart. I truly want to express my most sincere sympathies. How tragic.

Yes, an oven can cause respiratory distress in your bird. Often once the problem is recognized, even getting your bird immediate fresh air isn't enough to save his life, unfortunately. Many ovens are coated with non-stick surfaces to make oven cleaning easier and like non-stick cookware that becomes heated (I think it is something like 400 degrees or higher) causes a gas to emit from the non-stick coating and that is what will get your bird. Using the self-cleaning ability in ovens often cause a problem for bird owners and death of their beloved pet bird(s). That is one reason why birds should never be kept in a kitchen and the farther away from the kitchen, the better.

Birds can adjust to cooler temps, such as into the lower 50s and upper 40s, as long as the temperature change was gradual. Although drafts can cause problems in birds, it is that constant blowing on them that causes trouble. Don't set them in front of air conditioning vents or along drafty walls or drafty windows. I tend to be on the warm side most of the time, my hair is long and rather thick, I am quite active around the house doing housework much of the time. We get a lot of natural light (and with the sunlight comes the warmth) so I prefer to keep a cooler house especially in the winter time. If I get chilly, I can put on a sweater. My birds have downy feathers and the ability to stay warm on their own. I woke up one morning and it was only 59 degrees in my house. Yes, it felt chilly to me because I like it around 65 degrees in here (that is warm to me), but the birds were fine. Your kitchen probably didn't need to be warmed up for your bird's sake.

Another caution with the cooler weather is electric space heaters. They also can have non-stick coated heating elements which when heated can cause respiratory distress for your birds.

Again, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how badly losing a pet hurts, even if you only had the pet weeks or months as opposed to years and years. In time your heart will heal. I hope you have lots of wonderful photos and loving memories of your pet, maybe even a couple of previously molted beautiful tail feathers or something like that. Smile when you think of him and know you can keep him in your heart forever.

I hope that one day you might be ready to bring another pet bird into your life and when you are I hope you take your time to meet the birds and find a special one.

Good luck and I wish you much comfort and healing in this time of your loss.

justaman1214 wrote:
> we lost our beloved stevy the other night. Dont know what happened.
> The only thing we did was turn on an oven in the kitchen. To warm up
> the kitchen

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