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Date:Saturday January 15, 2005 9:43:20 am MST
Subject:Re: First Timer...Help!!!
Message:Sure, my first thought is to just teach him to "step up" onto a hand held perch stick or maybe a ladder. Birds like to climb to higher places and if the ladder was held is a more vertical position, he's likely to step up and climb to the top himself.

My nanday loves to be on my shoulder and he also doesn't like being removed, especially not by my husband. My poor hubby gets the brunt of so many of our birds. He isn't so bad now, but we found different ways to encourage him to cooperate. For example, he has a couple favorite toys that he will defend from my husband. We take these toys and shake them (they rattle and make noise which the bird tries so hard to imitate <grin>) and then set them on the door which opens like a porch and he gladly steps onto his door to get his toy and shake it himself for us. We can have him help us get some birdy treats and then take them to his cage and let him see us setting them inside his food cup and he'll gladly step off and go after the goodie. When he does these things and steps off us, we'll say "go get your baby" or "go get your goodie" and he steps off to do so and then we'll tell him what a good bird he is or how smart he is. Lots of praise helps to reinforce that behavior when he does what we want him to do. You just need to find something that motivates your nanday.

If he tries to nip in order to stay on your shoulder, just whip off that shirt and place him down on his cage, then promptly turn around and walk away and ignore the bird for a bit. Once you have given the incident a chance to pass, and your bird is back to enjoying something or behaving a way in which you approve, go back over there and tell him how good he is. Later on you can try holding him and having him step up when asked and step down when asked. First you might want to try some stick/perch training though and save your fingers. <smile> Be sure to praise the bird when he is good and doing the behaviors that you want.

Unwanted behaviors are usually best to either set the bird down, temporarily ignore the bird, turn your back to the bird, or just let the bird calm back down before trying to work with the bird again. If he is feeling playful or has a "wild hair" you-know-where, he is bound to be extra spunky and might be a little nippier.

Nandays are usually very sweet birds, but can be demanding and manipulative to get what they want. He doesn't want to leave your shoulder, so he is clearly stating that when he reacts the way he does. Just try to avoid the situations that cause him to behave in a way you don't approve of. Keep him off shoulders until you have figured out ways to get him to cooperate more and once you understand some more about "parrot psychology". <grin>

I hope some of this helps.

I hope this helps.

Jess1 wrote:
> I just recently bought my first Nanday, he is about 6 months old. I
> recently lost my cockatiel (unknowingly died). I chose a Conure
> because i wanted something a little more exciting, talkative, and
> playful. Well since i got "Andy" he's been all of those things, he
> doesn't talk clearly yet but occasionally we hear a hello or good
> morning, mostly just a bunch of babbling though! I have one problem
> though i can't seem to break his terrible biting habit. he is super
> sensitive to touch at first and doesn't particularly like having his
> back touched (at all) He screams in terror...(I think?!?) We've found
> that he loves being on shoulders the only problem is he's terrible
> when we try to get him off. we recently taught him how to step onto
> our finger from his perch but when it comes to getting him to step up
> to our fingers from a flat surface or a shoulder, it just isn't
> happening...he screams and bites, he's even broken our skin a few
> times. I understand he's young and very unfamiliar but does anyone
> have some helpful hints on getting him to stop biting and start
> stepping up?!?! i appreciate any extra help, i'm trying my best to be
> a good mom ;) Thanks, Jess

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