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Date:Friday January 14, 2005 8:50:18 pm MST
Subject:First Timer...Help!!!
Message:I just recently bought my first Nanday, he is about 6 months old. I recently lost my cockatiel (unknowingly died). I chose a Conure because i wanted something a little more exciting, talkative, and playful. Well since i got "Andy" he's been all of those things, he doesn't talk clearly yet but occasionally we hear a hello or good morning, mostly just a bunch of babbling though! I have one problem though i can't seem to break his terrible biting habit. he is super sensitive to touch at first and doesn't particularly like having his back touched (at all) He screams in terror...(I think?!?) We've found that he loves being on shoulders the only problem is he's terrible when we try to get him off. we recently taught him how to step onto our finger from his perch but when it comes to getting him to step up to our fingers from a flat surface or a shoulder, it just isn't happening...he screams and bites, he's even broken our skin a few times. I understand he's young and very unfamiliar but does anyone have some helpful hints on getting him to stop biting and start stepping up?!?! i appreciate any extra help, i'm trying my best to be a good mom ;) Thanks, Jess

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