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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday January 14, 2005 2:14:41 pm MST
Subject:Re: Who should do a beak trim?
Message:Great news, glad you got a professional to do it.

This is why I say not to trim beaks unless absolutely necessary. Most healthy birds will keep their own beaks trimmed by chewing, and a nanday beak is normally longer than the beaks of similar-sized aratinga conures. In wrong hands, the beak can crack, bleed, etc., or be overtrimmed to the point where it's very painful for the bird. FYI, some groomers and vets are perfectly capable of doing a butcher job on a beak, I've seen that too.

Linda wrote:

> The reason I mention it is that one of my dogs was having a problem
> so I took Mr. Bird in to the vet as well to discuss options of what
> to do for his feather picking. (He came to me as a feather picker and
> he really is doing a great deal better than when he came, but I'm a
> doting mother, or a clucking mother hen when it comes to my pets. I
> was extremely surprised- this vet a colleague of Mr. Bird's regular
> vet tended to his needs. He trimmed his nails- Didn't make the nails
> bleed even once. And before I knew it he had trimmed Mr. Bird's beak
> too. He looked so good! He was even chortling happily that it didn't
> hurt a bit.
> Frankly: Knowing what I know now and seeing a bird- a love bird that
> had his owner trimming his beak himself really injured the poor guy.

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