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Date:Friday January 14, 2005 1:40:32 pm MST
Subject:New member of the flock
Message:So, after the 16 hour drive from Tucson, AZ to Fort Collins, CO, Houdini the Umbrella Cockatoo is here! She had a great vet check and is settling into her new home. She's pretty nervous and definitely not used to being handled, though when toweled at the vet she did wonderfully. We bought a HEPA air purifier for Kiwi's benefit (and got a humidifier for him while we were at it).

Her wings were in such bad condition from an undersized cage and poor nutrition that the vet decided not to clip them (they're pretty much useless until she grows some new feathers). Her tail is almost nonexistant from rubbing on the sides of the cage. Since her band (which confirmed her wild-caught status) had been removed by the previous vet, we had her microchipped~ she didn't even flinch. She let the vet dremmel her nails, take blood, and do a physical exam without much resistance. All the bloodwork came back normal, so now we're just waiting to hear what sex she is.

It looks like she'll eventually warm up to us though; she seems very curious, just a little hesitant. After her quarantine is up, we'll probably move her out to the living room so she can be around us more often. (Right now she's in the computer room.) Hopefully she'll feel at home here soon enough.

By the way, if anyone is desperately trying to find someone to give money too (yeah right) or is just interested in seeing a great bird sanctuary, The Oasis Sanctuary in Benson, AZ is very nice. The owner is wonderful, the facilities are well taken care of, and I've never seen so many different birds in one place before. Just thought I'd let everyone know~ here's the website (including a Nanday Conure or two):


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