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Date:Friday January 14, 2005 1:24:33 pm MST
Subject:Re: Who should do a beak trim?
Message:You probably won't ever have to have your Nanday's beak trimmed, as long as you're using proper husbandry techniques. Beak trims are completely avoidable in most birds provided that a proper diet and good perches are available. Generally beaks only overgrow with nutritional imbalances. Also, allowing access to a concrete or mineral perch helps the bird maintain its own beak (and nails).

Some birds do have developmental abnormalities (such as scissor-beak, where the jaws are misaligned); in these birds, the natural grinding motion of the beak is impaired and there is some overgrowth. These are probably the only birds which need regular beak trimming.

From what I've read, some people are completely against touching a bird's beak unless it's absolutely necessary while some trim on a regular basis for aesthetic reasons (It sounds like the vet Linda saw is more likely to fall into the latter category). I'd be careful about excess trimming; the beak can be pretty sensitive and is fairly easy for a person with a dremmel or file to damage. (I wouldn't request a beak trim unless you're very concerned, and then I'd only ask a vet with quite a bit of experience.)


Dan wrote:
> What is the reason for beak trimming? I have not had this done to my
> Nanday that i've had for about 8 months now. There has been no change
> in his beak since i got him and he doesnt have any trouble eating. Is
> there a purpose?
> Dan

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