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Date:Saturday July 19, 2003 12:11:59 am MDT
Subject:Re: PLEASE HELP????!!!!!!!??????
Message:Not sure what to tell you there, the screaming is just one of their bad traits I think?  I've always been told to never hit a bird, but maybe it will work with yours.  I've tried to tap mines nose, and tell it "no bite" it only makes it worse, he tries to bit more and faster.  They don't like (well mine don't) like anything tapping his nose, and he don't quit, so I've never had any luck with that, maybe it will work with you.  C said to go to, she said they are alot of help, I haven't checked out the site yet, but will.  Good luck to ya.

Ken wrote:
> I'm no expert, Ive had my Nanday for 2 years, but they seem to have
> very challenging personalities. If he's biting alot, get his beaked
> groomed where at least it doesnt hurt that much, hit him on the nose
> with your finger when he bites, make sure its consistent every time
> so he learns that biting is unacceptable. Uusually changes in the
> household will change a birds personality, look back at what
> changed...maybe U moved his cage, maybe there are new things in the
> living room,,,etc. Try to keep things consistent, or at least try
> moving his cage around and see where he is most comfortable. As far
> as the noise, theres not alot to do. My bird knows "be quiet", he
> will squak real loud and then say "be quiet" right afterwards. He
> knows that we dont like his loud squaking, and he knows what "be
> quiet" work on teaching your bird that. Hit his beak and say be
> quiet, again consistently until he repeats it or at least learns it.
> Consistency is the key here and they need to know whose boss. Nandays
> are characters and they will test U, they think they are the boss and
> can do what they want at times so U have to make sure that they know
> that's not acceptable. Having clipped wings helps tame them cuz they
> dont have that freedom of doing as they please. Can anyone back me up
> on this?
> sara wrote:
> > I bought my Nanday when it was 4 months old. He was real sweet,
> would
> > cuddle with me, would talk to me (he has a great vocab)but maybe 2
> > 1/2 years ago he started not coming to me anymore and then shortly
> > after he just would scream at averything. if the phone would ring,
> if
> > he heard anyone walk, if you opened doors, you name it he
> screams!!
> > now the only person the bird will go to is my mother. it is really
> > frustrating that all the bird will do is bite everyone(including
> my
> > mother)  and scream that i am to the point where i am concidering
> > finding a new home for it.
> >
> > does anyone have any advice on how to get him to be nice again and
> > stop SCREAMING?????

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