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Date:Friday January 7, 2005 11:04:32 am MST
Subject:Re: Nanday breastbone
Message:I think you might have misunderstood my reply. I'm talking about feeling your bird across from left to right, not up and down where of course the keel bone would feel like an "I". If you feel your bird across the breast/chest area from one wing to the other wing, a bird with a good normal healthy weight would feel like a "U". You would still feel the keel bone but it would not be prominent. A prominent keel bone would feel like a "V" whereas the breast parts (sides of each keel bone) would feel minimal and almost concave. The "W" here in type form has pointy bottoms, but if you could picture the "W" with rounded bottoms, those rounded bottoms would represent the bulging sides of the keel bone or the plump fatty breast area on your bird. That would make the bird appear as if he had a long indented crease down the front of him where the keel bone would be. Does this help you understand what I was trying to describe to you?

Unless you were familiar with the way your bird felt across the keel bone before or unless you were able to get a gram weight on your bird before, it is hard to have anything to compare it to, so truly knowing if your bird is losing weight, and if so how much weight, would be difficult to guess at. Right?

But if you say you have noticed your bird isn't as interested in foods he normally enjoys and he does seem to have a more prominent keel bone, then chances are he isn't feeling well again. Losing weight and lack of interest in food is one of the subtle signs that a bird isn't feeling well. Millet is often called a "comfort food" and it is often the preferred food when a bird isn't feeling well. It sounds like your bird is picking the millet out of his seed cup. That would be another indicator in my mind that he isn't feeling well again.

Many things can cause loss of balance in your bird and nothing you've said makes me lean one way more so than another, but here are some of possible causes... Neurological problems which could be due to lack of proper nutrition, infections, and metatabolism problems.

It definitely sounds to me as if your bird needs to go back to the vet. It sounds like your bird never really shook the problem that caused him to visit the vet the first time. It might not be what your vet initially suspected and thought that the bactrim would cure. Perhaps a couple diagnostic tests could be run to help the vet get a better idea of what is actually happening with your bird.

Good luck!

mavrck wrote:
> Thanks for the replies gang. I know my ABC's fairly well but i cant
> say that he resembles any of the letters you mentioned. It seems to
> be more like a letter "I" with the most prominent part being at the
> top near the neck area. But i am leaning more towards the underweight
> side. His diet has droped considerably lately. Doesnt seem to eat the
> whole bowl of seeds anymore, only picks out the real small ones and
> husks them apart. He doesnt seem to like his treat bowl anymore
> either. Right now there is 2 pices of shrimp and a flower of brocoli
> in it and he thinks its as yucky as i used to when i was a kid.
> This is the same Yeager that i was having walking/balance problems
> with about a month ago too. And the vet gave him a steroid shot and
> that pink Anti-biotic which seems to have cleared up that episode.

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