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Date:Friday January 7, 2005 12:04:26 am MST
Subject:Re: Hazard warning
Message:heidig0302 wrote:
> I probably don't post as often as I want to about my 2 conures oscar
> and felix. I had to come on and post this morning about an incident
> that happened that scared the life out of me and my birds. I was
> awaken by a danger or help scream from felix about 11am this morning
> I ran to his cage and opened the door cause he was flying around the
> top of his cage when he did not come out right away I got him a
> peanut (his treat of choice) and when he still did not come out I
> took a much closer look. The pear clasp, or quick link yeah that
> steel piece that connects the toy to the cage had imbedded itself
> under felix's beak and was pinning him to the top and when his feet
> could not hold on he flew to stay up I of course panicked and got my
> fiance whose father and him had to cut the link with side cutters to
> release his beak. The well known specifically parrot store I bought
> my links from insisted that they could not be unscrewed by the bird
> but there may be a default in them after a few weeks cause in one day
> he was able to do this harm I took the links out of his cage and now
> tie the rope to the top. Under his beak is swollen and a little cut
> but he should be just fine. I just thought I would send a warning
> that these can fit right under the beak where it connects to the body
> and if I had not been home, Well I won't even think of that. Everyone
> is ok but was quite frazzled this morning he is eating fine and shows
> no sign of discomfort I think I have been more scared than him. But
> please all nanday owners please be aware of this potential lethal
> danger Thanks

OMG!!------------------> I cant believe that that has happened! I am so relieved and glad everything is okay!! I have never even heard of that happening or that being a danger!!
Once my Nanday (Dolce) was acting really quiet, and i knew something was up so i went to check on him and he had unscrewed his toy from the top of the cage, I couldn't even believe that he had done this. I've found the toy open twice already, THANK YOU so much for the warning. Thank god your lil guy is okay!

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