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Date:Thursday January 6, 2005 7:31:04 pm MST
Subject:Re: Nanday breastbone
Message:Margaret wrote:
> Oh, geez, thanks guys! <grin>
> It is normal to be able to feel your bird's keel bone (breast bone).
> If you don't have a digital gram scale to monitor your bird's weight
> on a regular basis, you can get a rough idea by the keel bone. If
> when you feel your bird chest area there, from side to side, and the
> bird is shaped like a "V" with the keel bone feeling very sharp and
> prominent, your bird is underweight. That can be a cause for concern
> and could warrant a visit to your local avian vet to make rule out
> disease or illness. If you are in the process of changing your bird's
> diet, it is normal for the bird to lose a bit of weight in this
> process, which is also why I would suggest a vet visit if you are
> going to change your bird's diet. Just make sure they are of a good
> weight and are healthy enough to withstand the stress of a dietary
> improvement.
> Ok, then if you feel your bird's chest area and it feels like a "U",
> your bird is of a good healthy weight.
> If you feel a "W" shape where the keel bone part is indented, then
> your bird is on the heavy side and you should probably evaluate the
> diet and the amount of exercise your bird is getting. Be careful
> though about trying to exercise your bird if he is overweight because
> you can over do it for your out of shape bird. Your bird can actually
> suffer a heart attack if they have eaten nothing but seeds for the
> past 12 years and you all of a sudden deem it is time to start making
> that bird exercise and you over exert him. So just be careful about
> that.
> When I want to give any of my birds a little exercise I'll let them
> perch on my hand and I'll hold my hand up and bring it down quickly
> enough to make the bird flap his wings. I will do this a few times
> until the bird seems to become winded at which point I stop. This can
> also help them burn off excess energy and just like for us, exercise
> can be good stress relief.
> Well, I hope this helps.
> Dan wrote:
> > When I was trying to switch my Nanday from seed to pellets i was
> > cautioned to watch their breast bone to make sure he wasn't losing
> > weight. Has there been any changes in his eating habits or
> > personality??? It may be good you noticed this. Margaret seems to be
> > the authoritarian on the subject so hang in there until she
> > responds!
> >
> > Dan
> >
> > mavrck wrote:
> > > Hey, i just noticed this today. Have any of yas ever felt along the
> > > breast of your Nanday and felt the breastbone running down the
> > > center? Not sure if i ever noticed this before, or is my Yeager
> > > losing weight/muscle tone and i can feel the bone.

Thanks for the replies gang. I know my ABC's fairly well but i cant say that he resembles any of the letters you mentioned. It seems to be more like a letter "I" with the most prominent part being at the top near the neck area. But i am leaning more towards the underweight side. His diet has droped considerably lately. Doesnt seem to eat the whole bowl of seeds anymore, only picks out the real small ones and husks them apart. He doesnt seem to like his treat bowl anymore either. Right now there is 2 pices of shrimp and a flower of brocoli in it and he thinks its as yucky as i used to when i was a kid.

This is the same Yeager that i was having walking/balance problems with about a month ago too. And the vet gave him a steroid shot and that pink Anti-biotic which seems to have cleared up that episode.

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