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Date:Wednesday January 5, 2005 6:38:23 pm MST
Subject:Re: Nanday Companion
Message:Don't feel so bad, Dan. Many birds are in that same situation.

Getting another bird can sometimes help but there is no guarantee that the birds will get along and you may always have to keep them separated. They may enjoy each other's company from a distance and they could be a form of entertainment for each other during the day, they could watch each other or call to each other.

I have 24 birds here and having other birds around hasn't seemed to damper anyone's love for me here. Two of my biggest "momma's boys" (and daddy biters - LOL!) are Whammy & Cozzy two male conures. You can see these boys cuddling and snuggling up to each other here - (Whammy has his footsie going towards his head and Cozzy is preening Whammy). When they put their foot on their head they are basically asking for loving scritches. Then here is Whammy loving his favorite cockatiel, Sunshine - jpg . They adore each other but are housed separately, and they both adore people too. Here is my Barraband (a female) and my female white capped pionus enjoying some birdy together time, and both of these birds adore people although neither bird is overly demanding - (you can see the male pionus in the foreground). The barraband also lovingly preens my female cockatiels too. We've got a big happy bird family here. <grin>

If your bird spends 10 hours or so each day in his cage, try to get him the largest cage you can afford and have space for. Make sure the bar spacing is such that the bird can't get his head caught between the bars. Give him several different types of toys to chew on and play with. You can try hiding favorite treats inside toys such as a dried papaya cube inside a tiny rawhide shoe hung from a piece of natural twine (hemp, sisal, jute). You can put a wadded up piece of paper towel over a small treat cup in the corner of the cage floor for him to discover during the day. Leave a TV or radio program on for him. Timers can work well since birds often nap for a few hours during the day anyway. Having some quiet time can help with their nap time. For radio stations I try to leave on an easy listening station on a low volume so they hopefully won't have too much trouble napping. Loud dance music is nice when you are home to act silly and dance around with your bird and encourage him to "bop" to the music, but when you are gone he may enjoy a more quiet relaxed day, especially if you don't have a timer. With TV programs, I avoid animal planet because sometimes they flash a predator on the screen like a big eagle's face or wolf's head, etc... and I wouldn't want anything frightening or disturbing my birds, making them feel unsafe. I opt for the pretty colors, happy voices and funny sounds from children's programming (daytime preschool type of shows on cable). My macaw became hooked on Sesame Street and if I walked in the door when that program was on, he wouldn't even notice I came home. He'd be hanging onto his cage staring at the TV, just like your human toddler might, honest to goodness. LOL! If you choose the radio, you can give your bird a nice view out the window and even put out some of his old seed/pellets (from a cup you were going to throw out anyway) for the wild birds to enjoy. Your bird might enjoy watching them forage for his old food outside the window a bit of a distance away from the house though. Some computer screensavers can be interesting for the bird to watch, and so can other pets such as a nearby aquarium (just make sure he can't chew any wires or cords or get electrocuted or drowned, of course).

Your bird will get used to your routine (probably already has) and will be very happy and excited to see you when you get home in the evenings. Regardless of how well your pet is set up during the day while you are gone, he is going to need your time and attention when you get home, especially if his entire "flock" is just you and him.

You sound like a very caring and doting owner to even be aware that your bird could be lonely during the day. Sounds like he's in good hands.

Dan wrote:
> I have a Nanday and i really feel bad about leaving him alone all day.
> I've heard that getting another bird can change your bird.(the way he
> interacts with you) He is really affectionate to me and i dont want
> to do anything to change that. It took 6 months for us to finally
> bond. Any suggestions?

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