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Date:Wednesday January 5, 2005 5:53:46 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Nanday Owner wants advice
Message:Wow, those are some high prices for parrots out there where you are. I don't blame you for trying to find a better price somewhere, even if it is through reserving an egg. That is too bad though.

Did you listen to my male sun conure also? Just play that recording 3 or 4 times a day, every day. Do it for about 5-10 minutes in the morning when you first wake up and would be uncovering the bird. Do it again as soon as you get home from work in the evening. On days off, play it once or twice in the afternoon because something is always bound to set them off (something they see or hear outside, you walking out of sight into another part of the house, maybe a family member walking into the room wearing a baseball cap that freaks the bird out, etc...). If this doesn't grate your nerves, day in and day out, then you might be a nanday person. LOL! Seriously though, and not just you, but think of the other people in the house. Can they take that sort of ruckus every day for the next 30 or 40 years? That is truly something to give a lot of thought to. It isn't fair, in my opinion, to take in such a smart and emotional animal, let it bond to you and your family only to let it live there for a few years before you trade it off for some cash so that someone else can live with the bird. I love my birds as if they were little humans. They all know how to play happily by themselves. None of them are overly needy (of course, I don't have any cockatoos! LOL!) and they all receive a lot of love and daily attention, excellent nutrition, and lots of toys and stimulation.

Well parrots can be affectionate at times, but they can also be little pistols too. My hubby has never done anything to my nanday, but my nanday just doesn't care for him. My male white capped pionus also doesn't like my husband. Even my little maroon belly will bite the fire out of my husband. LOL! He's sweet as honey to me though. There is no bird in the house that doesn't like me though, but I'm much more patient and tolerant where as my hubby is more hot tempered and volatile. My hubby is a great guy, don't get me wrong, he's just quicker to anger or exhibit an outburst where things have to get pretty bad before this easy going girl gets flustered. I can concentrate and focus regardless how much noise is going on and my hubby is more likely to yell at everyone to be quiet, I'll wade patiently through all the greyhounds swarming around my feet where my hubby will be yelling for them to get out of the way. I'm not a yeller. Anyway, birds seem to feel safer and more friendly towards someone that is more even tempered. They seem to know what to expect from an even keeled person instead of the sporadic outbursts of a more "firey" personality. The parrots can adjust to your moods and energy, so if you are agitated you are more likely to have an uncooperative or nippy parrot.

Homes that are louder often have birds that are louder. Our home is relatively quiet, and even though there are times believe it or not when my parrot filled home is quiet, parrots will make noise. As long as you tend to hang out in any room that your bird spends most of its time in, then your bird isn't going to be calling throughout the house wondering where his companion (you) are. Your bird will need you for its companionship and birds are social creatures. They may not need your direct attention, but they will need to hang out with you and will definitely need your attention every day.

How do I do it with 24 parrots? LOL! Well, 16 of them are cockatiels. They don't need as much attention to keep them tame (not like the others here do) and they quite the complex little flock family with cages linked together by ladders and bridges, play gyms and all sorts of food treats to find and enjoy. They are quite happy and satisfied, but they do get demanding when they want us humans. They live in my dining room with my barraband and my nanday, who has his own cage area. Also in my dining room is my piano and my computer. So, much of my time at home is spent in this room just a couple of feet from my dining room birds. The rest of my South American birds live in my living room and my dining room and my living room are really like one large area anyway. That starts about 2 feet to the right of my computer. So really, my birds are never "lonely" because they always have each other and anytime I am home, I'm right here in the same room with them.

When I'm gone I leave children's programming on for them or sometimes they get the radio instead and they have lots of natural sunlight in these rooms of the house, plus interesting views out the windows. This is where we all spend our time together each night. We all eat supper together and they share what I'm having. Tonight it is broccoli and carrots (raw) with a bowl full of cooked brown rice, chicken (which is broiled leftovers from yesterday) and tomatoes. I also gave them all a small piece of whole grain bread which they love. Right now, as I eat and type on the computer, my nanday is on my left shoulder and my female sun conure is on my right shoulder. They finished their dinner before I did because I'm typing between bites. <grin>

I also have two large play gyms on wheels that are in my dining room also. I usually have the conures in here with me when I'm home too. If I pass a cage or a play gym, I usually end up with bird or two hopping onto me. Of course, I stop and play with them for a few. Much of my time each day/evening is spent changing cage papers, sweeping and vacuuming, and washing and refilling bowls and I always have "helpers" with me for the bird chores too. They will be climbing down my arms as I work and trying to splash in the sink water or attack the papers for me. Weekends when we do the big cage cleaning my husband usually helps me.

If you think noise might be a problem and you say you like your sister's conure, you might want to do a little research into the other pyrrhura conures. There are painted conures which are unbelievably colored. There are also black capped conures that look much like the maroon bellys and green cheeks. You can see some pictures of these other types of conures here - . They are much quieter than the aratinga species (sun conures) or the nanday that I have.

My birds are so happy here. The conures all get lots of love and attention from not only the humans but a couple of them (both males) also get it from each other. My two pionus enjoy each other's company and love any attention I lavish their way as well, however, the young male is very hormonal and is only handleable for a few months out of the year (should be ending around the beginning of February so I'm enjoying holding him each night for as long as he'll let me). Right now, most everyone has eaten, they're all quiet and I hear a small chorus of beak grinding (happy, contented parrot sounds). They are all such good birds, and spoiled rotten. A couple of them are still picking through tonight's fresh food dinner offering. Pretty soon I'll sweep, vacuum and visit with everyone for a bit as I turn lights down low and get them ready to ease into bed.

No other pet has changed my life like having a bird. You're doing the right thing by talking to other nanday owners and learning all you can. Nanday's aren't for everyone. You can admire these birds and know that you're not the kind of person who could live with this type of pet everyday. If you want a parrot though, I'm sure you can find one that will be perfect for your family. If I had to quickly describe my birds and what each type is like to live with... Cockatiels - sassy, gentle and messy; Barraband - noisy in a muted sort of way in the mornings, always gentle and friendly with all the birds and humans here; Pionus - usually quiet, good eaters, not demanding, sometimes feisty and hormonal (after all, they are thought to be distantly related to the Amazons); Sun Conures - little snuggle bugs, very interactive and entertaining, can be loud, may say a few words but not good talkers; Nanday - my little sweetheart, defensive against my hubby, can be very loud at times, loves to be on my shoulder, not a good talker as most of his verbalizations are not clear enough to understand; Maroon Belly Conure & Green Cheek Conure - can be feisty/nippy, relatively quiet parrot, very neat keeping his cage very clean, holds to poop outside his cage and will poop on command, very good talker, big parrot personality in a smaller size bird, good for people with limited space;

Of all my birds I can hold conversations with my maroon belly the best. He'll say "My sweetheart" (talking to me), he'll tell me "I'm your sweet man" and "Be Sweet", "I am schmart" (his "s" sounds do sound like "sch" sounds kind of like the cartoon cat Sylvester). He'll say "I'll try" when I caution him to behave. He'll say "I'll beat you up" if he means it and will follow that up by lunging at you. He says "Be nice to me" and "Be nice to me, Mike" (my hubby's name). He'll tell me "No, No, NOOooo" if he is insistant that I immediately stop doing something and if I don't stop, he'll hiss and scream at me. He taps me with his upper beak while making the wettest kissy sounds. He'll say "love you" and so much more. He turned 3 years old on January 3rd and he was an aggressive untamed handful when my hubby brought him home.

I apologize again for this long note. Bless anyone who has made it to the end. <smile>

Sherry1 wrote:
> I don't know how you do it with 24 parrots,
> how do you spend time with each one? I would certainly go to a
> breeders if I could, I live about 1000 miles from any conure breeder
> - I live in the prairies in Canada. The pet stores have parrots, but
> the prices are very inflated - they are asking $1,500 for the Sun
> Conure, $800 for a Green Cheek and none are hand tame (that's too
> much for me). I want to buy directly from a breeder. I'll have to
> trust the breeder that they send me what I'm looking for.
> I chose the Nanday because of the fabulous reports on how
> affectionate and smart this bird is. I've been told they are very
> close in intelligence to the larger species and learn to talk easily.
> I love my sister's conure (rose crown) and I know I wanted a conure.
> The minute I saw the Nanday, I was more attracted to that bird than
> any other conure (and all the breeders have told me that the Nanday
> is their most outgoing). The breeders that I've spoken with shouldn't
> have other motives for boasting the Nanday because right now they
> don't have Nandays but they had green cheeks and I'm getting the same
> report from all. I'm going to call all the references (people like me,
> one bird household).
> Thanks for the audio - I'll ask my family to listen and see what they
> say.
> Maybe I'll change my mind, maybe I won't - some people out there
> really love the Nanday over other species, maybe that will be me! :)
> Sherry

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