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Date:Wednesday January 5, 2005 1:53:51 pm MST
Subject:Re: Temperature?
Message:Not sure about the basement thing but as far as the glasses, my Nanday loves mine. I dont let him play with them either. After saying no over and over again he knows he isnt supposed to play with them. Now he knows to dive in really quick and grab them. He actually can throw them off my face in on quick motion. Then he just looks at me like "guess you arent fast enough". So no, I dont know how to make him stop. I think he notices them more because I switch between glasses and contacts.

> Oh, and does anyone know a way to teach a parrot not to bite some
> things? As soon as I saw the Nandays in the store and petted them,
> Alexander latched onto me and pulled up to chew on my watch. I didn't
> mind that, but now his favourite 'toy' is my glasses! They're rather
> expensive (prescription), so I wish I had a way to teach him they
> aren't a toy. Just trying to get him to let go was a trial-the first
> time he'd been any trouble.

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