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Date:Wednesday January 5, 2005 1:15:40 pm MST
Subject:Re: Temperature?
Message:H.L. wrote:
> I just bought my first Nanday yesterday. We had a rather large cage at
> home already, so we put Alexander in it. The only problem is, it's too
> big to go anywhere but the basement. When I say basement, I don't mean
> doom and gloom. It's well lit, and even though it started out as a
> workshop it has been renovated nicely into a room for my brother and
> an entertainment room. But since it does have cement walls-it gets a
> bit chilly in the winter and is hard to heat. It never gets
> cold-never uncomfortably so-but I was wondering how much of an
> emergency it was to find a smaller cage so we could move him
> upstairs.

Oh, and does anyone know a way to teach a parrot not to bite some things? As soon as I saw the Nandays in the store and petted them, Alexander latched onto me and pulled up to chew on my watch. I didn't mind that, but now his favourite 'toy' is my glasses! They're rather expensive (prescription), so I wish I had a way to teach him they aren't a toy. Just trying to get him to let go was a trial-the first time he'd been any trouble.

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