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Name:Jody & Timber
Date:Wednesday January 5, 2005 10:38:02 am MST
Subject:Re: Nanday Companion
Message:Dan wrote:
> I have a Nanday and i really feel bad about leaving him alone all day.
> I've heard that getting another bird can change your bird.(the way he
> interacts with you) He is really affectionate to me and i dont want
> to do anything to change that. It took 6 months for us to finally
> bond. Any suggestions?

Dan - I have a Sun Conure that I have had for 4 years - I too felt bad about leaving him - just to go to the grocery store !! Let alone on a weeks vacation. I talked to several bird people/breeders/the vet. All said my Sun's behavior would change toward me if I got a companion/buddy for him. With the exception of the vet - he told me that if I was going to get a companion/buddy I should look in to getting another breed. He made suggestions etc.
After 4 years together I really didn't want to take the chance of ruining/decreasing the bond I had with my Sun.
However - One day at a bird show - this 2 year old Nanday we now call Timber - adopted us. I no longer feel guilty leaving home for any reason. And - although the Sun and Nanday aren't affectionate toward each other - they are buddies. One can't leave the room without the other. They birdie talk to each other and they do interact somewhat.
They are housed separately - in thier own cages, have thier own play pins also side by side and they share a bedroom at night time - again in separate cages.
I don't have a problem with jealously because as long as our Sun - Deebo - is the alpha bird - all is okay !! He gets picked up first, treats first etc.
I would suggest looking into other breeds for a companion - getting another Nanday will definetly risk your relationship and decrease your bond. Also - keep them separated in thier own cages so you don't have any cross breeding.
I forgot to mention too - both my babies are boys. This was not intentional - we didn't know what sex our Sun was until we brought Timber home, then I had his blood DNA done and Voila !!
Good Luck in your decision - let us know what transpires

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