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Date:Tuesday January 4, 2005 10:52:32 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Nanday Owner wants advice
Message:Hi Sherry! There was a couple things I wanted to add to this conversation. I have 24 parrots here, 5 of them are conures. I first acquired a marron belly (he turned 3 on Jan 3rd), then a male sun conure, then a female green cheek, then my male nanday and most recently I adopted a 3 yr old female sun conure. They are all housed individually, and none of my birds are used for breeding. I can tell you that after my male nanday came home I didn't even seem to hear my male sun conure anymore. My sun conure was always my loudest bird here up until that point. Now that the female sun is here, the two suns and the nanday can sure get loud, but it is the nanday that I hear above the din.

I have a sound byte on my website that lets you hear the nanday (along with some of the others in the background, but you will hear the nanday. If you use Windows Media Player and have the visual to watch the sound, when the design goes crazy, that is my nanday. I didn't have the microphone right on top of him either. He just has a piercing voice. I realize the sound byte takes a few moments to download, but it will give you a definite idea of a typical happy nanday doing its normal thing. The sounds you will hear is a normal "happy to be alive" morning sounds, as well as what you can expect when you walk in the door and are greeted by your beloved parrots. At the bottom of this page you will see the link labeled as a typical morning at my house. Listen to that one. If you want, you can also listen to the sun conure (Whammy) calling to me when I left the room and he couldn't see me. He doesn't do this everytime I leave the room, but we were playing together just before I left and he wanted me to come back. Enjoy!

Then a comment I had about the breeders who told you their Nandays were quieter than their sun conures (or sun conures in general, etc...) - Let me just tell you that when Nandays are breeding, they are quiet. The male sits on top of the nest box and is silent. So, yes, the breeders' nandays would be considered quiet nandays. <smile> That is the truth.

I've got Sally's book and it is filled with good insight and tips. I also found Julie Rach's "Why Does My Bird Do That?" filled with good info as well as Mattie Sue Athan's "Guide To Companion Parrot Behavior".

Then one other say that you have always wanted a parrot and have had two budgies in the past...well, let me tell you, you have already had two parrots. Budgies are just as much a parrot as the larger ones although most budgies are not hand fed and many are not tamed becaused the owners don't take the time to tame them. But they are parrots just as much as any other hook bill with zygodactalus toes. <smile>

Rose crowned conures are part of the pyrrhura family of conures and those are the "quiet conures". Other pyrrhura family conures would include the sweet yet feisty little green cheek and maroon belly conures. The sun conure is an aratinga species which are known for being the loud conures and that class would include the queen of Bavaria, jenday, and gold capped conures, to name a few. Arguably the loudest conure is the Patagonian, but that is also one of the largest conures, if not THE largest. The nanday is in a class by itself and it is also a loud one. <smile>

With all your research, may I ask what "sold" you on the Nandays?

Then, my last comment (for the moment - LOL!) is that I really think that rather than settling on a certain species of bird, reserving the egg, etc...that you really should just get out there and meet the birds. They all have different personalities and you will know when you find a bird that "picks you". They are long lived pets and wouldn't it be a shame to bring home a baby that turns out just isn't compatible with you, or at least not as compatible as another bird might be?

Let me try and tell you a couple brief true stories about me and a couple of my conures. Whammy - my sun conure. I met him while picking up other pet supplies. I visited with him, hi bird, sweet bird, OK, time to leave. As I turned to go, a crowd had gathered around to watch me with this bird (I was oblivious to this fact until I turned to leave and bumped into this small crowd). My hubby always said I have great powers of concentration, I just block everything distracting out. But anyhow, as I made my way through the people, that conure leapt from the "next person in line for the bird" and grabbed onto my shoulder. I was surprised, at first thought a person was grabbing me, and turned to find this little conure looking a little panicked. So I told my hubby that it looks like he will be coming home with us. As I approached the checkout, his buddy (a cockatiel) was screaming his head off, so I took him home too. They're still friends to this day. Whammy is my special baby and he crawls inside my shirt and snuggles with me, blows me kisses when I put him to bed and is a true joy. Kind of like a feathered puppy. I could go on and on about our interactions, but that isn't the point of my "meet the birds first" stories. OK, then my nanday Gizmo (aka Gizzy). I went to look at fish and try to figure out what I was going to put in an empty 20 gallon tank that I had running for a month or two. My hubby went straight to the birds and began playing with the cockatoos. I wasn't interested because I had another "agenda", but he called me over to where the birds were. As I approached I saw the nanday in a cage with a quaker and a couple of sun conures. I was fixed on the nanday. As I approached I began talking to him. He knew exactly who I was talking to out of all the birds in that cage. He came right up to the bars where my face was and chased the other birds off that wanted to interact with me and they stayed away too. <smile> I asked him if he was my sweetheart and we immediately "clicked". I opened the cage and he stepped right out. I could see that this was not a baby bird, but an older bird. He went up to my shoulder and I reached up to scritch him and his foot grabbed my fingers, pulled my fingers up to his cheek and he proceeded to rub his own cheek on my fingers. That silly bird, didn't he know that was my intentions to begin with? LOL! Then my hubby came up to give him some attention and he wanted nothing to do with anyone except me. Even today, a year later, he rarely lets my hubby get close enough to touch him without lunging for him. But he is sweet as honey to me. He has a favorite toy and he'll carry it to his food cup and put it inside the dish when he eats, same thing when he goes to drink water, and he carries it up to my shoulder and has me hold it while he rubs his head on it. We clicked from teh start and to this day have that "special relationship".

So you can just buy a bird like you would pick out a fish for your fish tank..."Oh, aren't angelfish pretty? I'll take a black one."...or you can go out and meet the birds and find a special your best human friend, only with feathers. When you acquire a best friend, you're not thinking..."Oh, I love Italian food, so an Italian best friend would be great, we could enjoy great Italian food together", you acquire a best friend based on your personalities. Sometimes you can find one that you immediately click with, other times it takes time to get to know someone first. Not all people are the same and you can say the same thing for pet parrots. Wouldn't it be great to find one that is "special" and clicks with you right from the start?

OK, I'm done <smile>. Good luck finding your special bird.

(Oh, and I hope I didn't offend anyone with my "find a good Italian friend" type of analogy.)

Happy New Year to all.

Sherry wrote:
> I'm on a waiting list for a baby Nanday (I'm so excited!). This will
> be my first parrot - I have had two budgies in the last 18 years (and
> I still have one). I've always wanted a parrot and the Nanday is the
> one I've chosen. After researching all the different Conures, I keep
> coming back to the Nanday. I've never seen one in real life and I'm a
> little concerned about the complaints on how loud they are. Can anyone
> tell me just how loud they are? I don't live close to any breeder and
> my new baby will have to be flown in. My sister has a Quaker and a
> Rose Crown Conure, neither of them are too loud - but sometimes the
> Quaker gets alarmed and can be ear piercing.
> Of course, I live in my own house and don't have to worry about the
> neighbours and I'm hoping the bird will be loud enough to keep the
> in-laws away ;)
> Any advice in general for a "first timer" would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Sherry

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