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Date:Tuesday January 4, 2005 10:56:48 am MST
Subject:Re: New Nanday Owner wants advice
Message:Jody wrote:
> Sherry1 wrote:
> >How do they compare to the Quaker and Rose Crested Conure
> >
> > my sister has both. There was a Sun Conure at the pet store and he
> > screeched once in a while, while I was visiting him and it wasn't
> > that bad. But, do they have spells that they screech non-stop? Is it
> > true that they are usually quieter when they are not with other noisy
> > bird? Is there anyway to tell from babies which will be the quieter
> > bird?

It is so hard to describe noise, isn't it? I'm not familiar with the noise of a Quaker or Rose Breasted Cockatoo. A Nanday is definitely louder than a budgie. I have heard a Sun Conure only occasionally so I can't really compare. The noise sounded similar, to me. One of my Nandays is a "sentry" - he screams whenever he sees something out of the ordinary. It could be a dog walking by, or a raven, or even me with a grocery bag. But after the "monster" is gone, he stops. He certainly is not as loud as my macaw or Amazons, but his scream is much higher. My other Nanday is less likely to do a sentry scream, though both are male. Neither of my birds screams for long periods for no apparent reason. They usually only call when they want my attention (especially when food is expected!) or if they see something requiring the warning yell. I don't know if you can predict by a baby's behavior how likely that bird would be to be noisier than average. Maybe a breeder could comment? Because you don't have to worry about neighbors, and you are obviously a "bird person," you probably will not be bothered by a Nanday's calls, especially if you are not particularly sensitive to high pitched noises. The Companion Parrot Quarterly, or Sally Blanchard's book, has some good tips on how NOT to teach your bird to scream, as some people do without realizing it. In fact, reading her basic companion parrot book is a great way to prepare for your new arrival.

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