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Date:Tuesday January 4, 2005 9:23:17 am MST
Subject:Re: Don't be afraid.
Message:>!! So Good Luck and we look
> forward to hearing from you again soon !

Just wanted to update everyone on my Nandays: I did work with the boy to get him out of the cage. I used a sock over my hand and let him up on it. (of course you know he can bit through a sock but it made me a little more secure) I moved around the room with him and then went to put him back in his cage and he moved down my back and I just coaxed him back on my arm. He could have really hurt me but made no attempt. I was so excited. I even took a picture. I have been working with them a lot more and seem to be getting their trust. The little girl will at least sit on the perch now with out climbing frantically around the cage. I really am getting attached to these guys. My whole family are actually working with them. We laugh at some of the stuff they do. I still have them up for adoption but not really sure I can now. They are learning to trust us. The toughest is to get past that loud screech.

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