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Date:Monday January 3, 2005 8:17:29 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Nanday Owner wants advice
Message:Sherry1 wrote:
> Thanks for you comment Lynne. I wish I could spend some time with one,
> but the local pet stores never gets Nandays and the closest breeder is
> far away. How do they compare to the Quaker and Rose Crested Conure -
> my sister has both. There was a Sun Conure at the pet store and he
> screeched once in a while, while I was visiting him and it wasn't
> that bad. But, do they have spells that they screech non-stop? Is it
> true that they are usually quieter when they are not with other noisy
> bird? Is there anyway to tell from babies which will be the quieter
> bird?
> I spoke to three breeders and they all told me that their Nandays are
> not that noisy (especially compared to the Sun Conure). I have a
> budgie, but he isn't noisy at all - at least I don't think he would
> encourage the Nanday to be vocal. I don't expect the Nanday to be
> quiet, but after reading a few of the articles on the internet, I'm
> starting to wonder just how loud they are.
> If anyone has anything else to add, I would appreciate it.
> Lynne wrote:
> > I strongly recommend you spend some time with a Nanday before
> > purchasing one. I have 2. One is loud more often than the other, but
> > both are loud. It is not so much the decibel level as the high pitch.
> > Reaction to noise is very individual. A sound that doesn't bother one
> > person may drive another crazy. You also have to keep in mind how
> > others you live with (or may live with in the future) will react.

Sherry - We have a Nanday male, 2 years old. We also have a Sun Conure male, 4 years old. Our Nanday isn't anywhere as loud as our Sun. He has periods where he gets spooked or doesn't like a stranger outside where he will do the conure call - but it still is nothing compared to our Sun's call. He is actually quite cute (the nanday) when he does his little mating/play calls and squeaks - but again as Lynn said, everyone has there level of annoyance to certain sounds. I think your Nanday will be fine, and you will have great fun with him. Good Luck !!

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