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Date:Monday January 3, 2005 8:03:18 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Nanday Owner wants advice
Message:Thanks for you comment Lynne. I wish I could spend some time with one, but the local pet stores never gets Nandays and the closest breeder is far away. How do they compare to the Quaker and Rose Crested Conure - my sister has both. There was a Sun Conure at the pet store and he screeched once in a while, while I was visiting him and it wasn't that bad. But, do they have spells that they screech non-stop? Is it true that they are usually quieter when they are not with other noisy bird? Is there anyway to tell from babies which will be the quieter bird?

I spoke to three breeders and they all told me that their Nandays are not that noisy (especially compared to the Sun Conure). I have a budgie, but he isn't noisy at all - at least I don't think he would encourage the Nanday to be vocal. I don't expect the Nanday to be quiet, but after reading a few of the articles on the internet, I'm starting to wonder just how loud they are.

If anyone has anything else to add, I would appreciate it.

Lynne wrote:

> I strongly recommend you spend some time with a Nanday before
> purchasing one. I have 2. One is loud more often than the other, but
> both are loud. It is not so much the decibel level as the high pitch.
> Reaction to noise is very individual. A sound that doesn't bother one
> person may drive another crazy. You also have to keep in mind how
> others you live with (or may live with in the future) will react.

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