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Date:Monday January 3, 2005 4:56:53 pm MST
Subject:Re: Don't be afraid (beak trimming)
Message:> , I reiterate having their beaks, nails and wings trimmed so
> that you aren't afraid of the beak when you attempt to handle them.

I'm late responding to this, but I just wanted to caution people against beak trimming. Bird beaks are very sensitive and do have nerves and blood supply. Once my Noble macaw had an almost-invisible chip to the end of his beak and it was hard for him to eat for days. It obviously pained him. If a parrot is healthy and has wood to chew, his beak should not need trimming. If it grows abnormally, a vet check is necessary because it could be a sign of illness. I agree about trying to keep the birds separate to avoid offspring. Babies from siblings are not necessarily unhealthy, but when there are so many parrots needing homes, you wouldn't want to add more accidentally, especially when they would be from inbreeding.

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