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Date:Monday January 3, 2005 4:19:51 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Nanday Owner wants advice
Message:Sherry wrote:
> all the different Conures, I keep
> coming back to the Nanday. I've never seen one in real life and I'm a
> little concerned about the complaints on how loud they are. Can anyone
> tell me just how loud they are?
> Of course, I live in my own house and don't have to worry about the
> neighbours and I'm hoping the bird will be loud enough to keep the
> in-laws away ;)

I strongly recommend you spend some time with a Nanday before purchasing one. I have 2. One is loud more often than the other, but both are loud. It is not so much the decibel level as the high pitch. Reaction to noise is very individual. A sound that doesn't bother one person may drive another crazy. You also have to keep in mind how others you live with (or may live with in the future) will react.

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