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Date:Sunday January 2, 2005 11:00:00 pm MST
Subject:Re: I'm So Excited!!!
Message:My Nanday (Sunny) is just over a year now and ever since I've had him when I'm snugling him I tell him he's a good boy. Well here in the past couple of months he has got to where every night when he snuggles up to me he'll let out an "awwww" sound and say good boy plainly. Another really cute thing he has picked up is this hysterical cartoon laugh. During the times when he's in the room alone I put the TV on cartoons and childrens shows to keep him entertained and occupied and he apparently heard it on one of those. So now he'll just go into the loudest and little laugh out of the blue sometimes. He especially does it when he wants attention 'cause he's found that when he does it we'll come over and get him.


Tanya wrote:
> So I went out for a bit tonight and bopped on to check emails/boards
> etc and weatherbug chirped and for some reason it woke up my little
> Zorro. I ignored him for a bit, hoping he would just go back to
> sleep, but alas, the stinker refused. So I took him out for a few
> minutes. My typical greeting to him is "Hello Baby" and "Kiss" for
> Kisses he pushes his beak to my nose. Well tonight, when I said
> "Kiss" he made 3 smacking noises, I said it again, and he did it
> again, 3 times. Did it a 3rd time the same *swoons* So of course I
> had to call up the other half at work and of course Zorro refused to
> do it, he was more preoccupied with the phone itself :P
> One question, How 'clearly' are conures able to talk? When Zorro is
> 'talking' you can distinctly make out what he's trying to say "Pretty
> Bird" is his most common but the last few days he's also been trying
> "What" "Kiss" and "Hello" Can I call this 'Talking'? My baby is going
> to be 7 months old on the 12th.
> I'm just excited about the smacking...:D

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