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Date:Sunday January 2, 2005 1:30:07 pm MST
Subject:Mango's behaviors
Message:I have had my Nanday, named Mango, since the summer of 2003. I got him at Petsmart and the saleslady said he was under a year old and that the first owners (not the breeder) didn't understand what they were getting into with a parrot and had him for a month and left him locked in his cage alone all day. So they brought him back to the store. ( I don't know how the store knew all this about him being abandoned all day). The saleslady also said he had "issues". When I got him, I had a Quaker parakeet I had for 10 years. The two birds really bonded and I think my Nanday really needed that. But we moved and the other bird passed away. I have noticed, though, that Mango really loves the fuzzy toys. He has the fuzzy tent he sleeps in, he used to have a fuzzy snuggle thing, and he has a fuzzy stuffed bird called a "Budda Buddy" that you can stick a nut in the little pouch on the front. Mango just loves that toy. For Christmas I bought him one of those open cage, tee stand things. I thought he would like it. Well, he just hangs on the side of it and snuggles his Budda Buddy all day.

Also, he only sleeps in his cage at night. He comes out to a table where the open cage contraption is on in the kitchen area for the day time. It is so strange. He won't poop in his cage, he holds it in until he gets to his table and then cuts loose. If we put him on his cage too early and he has to go #2 he will squack and carry on until someone comes and carries him back to his table.

He only likes my husband and me. (especially my husband) He doesn't seem to care too much for the kids. I think he can sense their timidation of him. But one time I was talking on speaker phone with my husband and Mango went crazy because he realized it was my husband's voice.

In addition, he likes to soak his food before eating it. I give him the Zupreem avian maintenance natural and fruit blend pellets. He also eats from the table. He eats well. It just cracks me up the way he soaks his food like that. He takes a mouth full of it to the water bowl and dips his mouth in and then drags the pellets to a higher place to eat them.

Mango doesn't talk yet. I see him trying but not quite getting it. He does immitate coughing and other non verbal sounds.

We also have a dog. Mango is the ruler of the house, not the dog. Mango knows when someone is at the door, or we pull up in the drive way. First Mango alerts us then the dogs wakes up and starts barking like he was on duty the whole time.   He isn't scared of the dog and the dog is a little intimidated of him. Many occasions he has pulled the dog's whiskers and bit him on the nose when he sniffs Mango's areas.

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