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Date:Sunday January 2, 2005 7:28:47 am MST
Subject:looking for a home for 2 Nandays
Message:Hi I have 2 Nandays that I am looking for a great home for. I am in South Florida and they must stay together. Both were previously owned, one is still young and loves to play, is curious and friendly but petrified of hands. He has come along way and needs some work getting over his fear but loves people and is very sweet once out of the cage. The other is a plucker, I don't believe his feathers will be growing back and may have permanent damage to the follicles. He is a very nervous and neurotic bird. I tried working with him but he stopped when he started plucking when I had him out with me. With the right person though, who knows? I am looking for a person who loves conures, understands the noise level and has the time to work with these guys and who will keep them together. The company has helped the older one a lot. Without a doubt I know the younger one will be great. I also want to make sure that they don't get shuffled around or end up with a collector. They come with their large flight cage, toys and playstand. I am not asking a fee because it's more important to me that they find a good home and would rather have the money spent on them. Thanks!

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