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Date:Monday December 27, 2004 2:11:23 pm MST
Subject:Nanday acting strange
Message:Recently my conure has laid a egg and I have a few questions about it, any help will be appreciated.
I have had my Conure since I was 5, I'm 16 now so thats 11 years I have had her and she has laid her first egg yesterday which surprised me because I thought she was a he. Is it normal for a conure to lay a egg after such a long time?
She has also been tearing up the newspaper into a nest like shape and sitting in it and then burying her head under the newspaper, when she started doing this I noticed that whenever I approach her she would try to bite me, she also doesn't talk anymore, everytime she would see me she used to say my dads name and beg for me to pet her and then say my dads name over and over until I walked away, she learned it b/c when I was little I would always shout for my dad.

Is this normal for a female that has laid a egg? Also is it permanent or will she act the way she used to again?

PS I took the egg out when I was cleaning the cage, thats not bad is it?

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