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Date:Saturday December 25, 2004 9:11:01 pm MST
Subject:What I got for Christmas
Message:Hey ya all, Mr. Bird here- Santa remembered me-- I got a box of kleenex I had to share with Kiwi, a little tiny chip of pepperment from a candy cane, and the run of the house for the day!

Kiwi Anna Here: I llllllll-o-o-o-ved biting mom first thing, Mom couldn't get my food fast enough to suit me. (Washing seed and water cups takes time my dear). I even got my shower I've wanted all week, and boy did I enjoy it! But mommy still wouldn't let me tear into Greyson. I'm just hoping she'll let me one day. (Sorry Kiwi It'll never happen.

I guess I should be sad, my family didn't bring me anything except my regular food and water, and the same thing happened to my brother- but I'm happy cuz me and Dusty could still see each other all day long. (Sorry- Millet spray will come late, but it will arrive.

Hi, I'm Clover the Siamese cat: Mommy says I'm turning into a butterball, and when I decided the ornaments on the tree were so much fun, and batted them all over the house, and none left on the lower limbs- mommy figured I was having my Christmas Fun- so I didn't get my can of Tuna. Give me Bird A lamode any day- but mom won't let me have the flock and neither will dad and that brat I call my owner. Shhhhhhhh, don't tell him I called him that! He's really a super kid.

Ebony saying hello- and I got better than the fake bones that people buy from the store- I got the biggest bone and I didn't have to share it with sissy.
It was Turkey. I've never heard of a sour cream bone before, Have you?

My Royal Highness- Princess May Here- I too got my own bone- it was smaller, but I didn't care. It was Turkey. I got belly rubs every time mom got up to walk out of the room. (Pray for my Princess please- she's having allergy problems) She's 4 years old, and I have taught her to be my personal assistant.

Hope everybody and their flocks had a delightful merry Christmas too and that everyone will have a funfilled New Year.

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