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Date:Friday December 24, 2004 3:15:41 pm MST
Subject:"I think I'm gettin' Nothin" for Christmas
Message:I'm getting nothing for Christmas............. I think mommy and daddy are mad cuz I love pestering Greyson, biting anyone who comes near my cage. I hope mommy and daddy think I've been good cuz I want Santa to bring a new gym, so I can play drums, ring bells, dance, and shake shake shake my feathers, and climb all over the place!. Gee mommy and daddy if I don't get it I'll be Sad! Afterall I'm little, I'm green and you came all the way to Washington to adopt me. I love snuggling with you mommy, a few kleenexes would be great, a piece of Candy Cane if you please- and all the banana's and apples I can eat. So Santa please don't forget me- signed sincerely yours- Kiwi Anna.

Please Santa, did you forget Christmas is 8 days a week, and I'm so good I deserve everything. A little candy cane to munch, kleenex tissues to chew, a bath in the sink, and all the fruit and nuts I can eat. I hope mommy and daddy stuff my stocking full of these treats, but the best gift of all would be Kiwi Anna please.
I really have a fling for her. So hurry up Christmas, get here already. I can hardly wait. Signed sincerely Mr. Bird.
P.S. Could you tell my previous owner I want her to drop in so I can show off my new and improved feathers, and my hot looking chick I fancy- Kiwi Anna. Give me Crackers, nuts, fruit, candy if I can snitch it, but oh man I sure like those Candy canes. Buy them in bunches. And one more thing, this is naughty of me, but don't tell anyone I asked, please bring me 12 candy canes to. and once again signing off Mr. Bird.

Dear Mr. Bird: Your mommy and daddy have already said no way to those candy canes. A chip of one yes- more than that your mom and dad would start a dandy fire in the fireplace to keep me from coming with the few goodies and treats that I enjoy bringing to your family.
                       Affectionately yours: Santa Claus.

I'm gettin' nothin' for Christmas, mommy and daddy are mad (That's what he thinks!) I won't let anyone handle me, and when I'm out I keep calling my best bud Dusty, and I keep trying to rescue him, so please mommy and daddy bring me some millet spray, and bigger seeds to spit back at Kiwi Anna. Santa, please please ask mommy to move Kiwi's cage away from me.

Affectionately Greyson.

Amazing, I'm getting somthin' for Christmas! Mommy and daddy aren't mad. In fact they are proud of me. I don't bite as much during taming sessions, and I even stood briefly on mommy's hand today. I call and call for Greyson when I'm not in the same room, but I'm starting to enjoy the beak, ear, and comb stroking. Just think one day I'll get to be out of the cage all day just like Kiwi Anna and Mr. Bird. But while your busy at giving gifts, a hardy millet spray will be very nice.

Thankyou Santa for thinking of me! Your friend Dusty Buster E.

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