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Date:Thursday December 23, 2004 11:30:39 am MST
Subject:A bonded pair
Message:Jody, you asked me about bonded pairs, and I do have an answer, and yet it is not neessarily completely accurate. But what I will say is that I have ths situation going on in my home as of Oct 2, 2004 with a pair of cockateils that were given to me.

This is the background that I know of: 1. The two are supposedly biological brothers. Dusty and Greyson are the names we gave them. When they arrived they were mixed and matched as # uno, dose, trace........ There was a small female cockateil with them.

The reason the two cockateils were given to me was that they were pulling the tail feathers out of the female cockateil that was tame.

I wanted to call the birds Duster and Buster, but my husband is a romantic and he chose the names.

What else do I know: I was told that these two brother's were a bonded pair and could not be seperated. (I figured that if they were both males I could seperate them and tame them) They had not been handled by human hands for three years.

Almost from day one we discovered the two of them fought each other for territory- so they were moved into seperate cages........and they do well.

However as I set my goals in taming them- the first thing have them get use to human hands I realized that they continously call each other. If they can't see each other there is frantic calling. If they hear each other it's difficult to get their cooperation.

Currently I am at the stage where Dusty spends most of the day time in my room (This is to hopefully break their calling cycle- but he is returned to the living area where the birds are in the evening. His taming session- sadly begins with a gloved hand to get him out of the cage, and then I lose the gloves, and a 15 to 20 minutes of cuddling, talking, or flying in a small confined room begins.

Greyson- I have found is the most dominant of the two birds. (Sometimes when the Nandays are in their cages for an afternoon nap they, 1 at a time gets to play in the living room out of the cage.

Dusty: He enjoys flying up onto the chain of the chandeler.

Greyson: The only thing that seems to go through his little birdie brain is Breaking Dusty out of his cage. I let him try for at least ten minutes and then I do take charge and we cuddle for a few minutes and then back to his cage.

I wish they were, but they are not ready to be out of their cages while the Nanday's are. And Kiwi dislikes Greyson enough I'm afraid she would hurt him if given the chance and I expect this taming process to take anywhere from around a year to two years.

As per a female and a male- I don't have enough experience to tell you. But I will say the owner of the Pet store in Hermiston who specializes in birds says if it is a female and a male pair you will not be able to touch them.

If your Nandays are allowing you to handle them take advantage of that, and start working with your Nandays every day. Yes, lose the gloves. If you have to use them to begin with just to get them oout of the cage I don't see a problem.

My Nanday's however can bite through the gloves, and it hurts!!!

Like I said I use the gloves on the cockateils, and it's only for a split second to get them out of the cage, and then their gone.

Hope this helps some Jody.

Good Luck


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