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Name:Jody & Timber
Date:Thursday December 23, 2004 9:22:58 am MST
Subject:Re: Don't be afraid.
Message:Jody wrote:
> The pet store has had them about 8 months. I questioned why they were
> giving them away and they said that no one would buy them because
> they are so noisy. They do have a loud annoying screech when they are
> vocal.   My cockatiel is always chirping...he hardly ever stops until
> evening. These guys only screech when the phone rings or they just
> want attention. They aren't as bad as it sounds. I did make some
> progress last night. The little boy did let me touch his beak and a
> little of his head. He is just dying to get out of the cage. The
> little girl is getting closer now and not just hanging in the back of
> the cage. I am not ready to give up yet. Plus I think my cockatiel is
> getting attached too. Do you still believe that it is possible to
> handle them if they are a bonded pair? A lot of folks tell me no way.

Jody - I just chatted with a couple of experts/breeders on another board. They advise to separate the birds - let them have their own cages, side by side so they can see each other, talk to each other etc.
Even though they are siblings, they will try to breed and what I was told was they can and will have birth defected babies if any inbreeding should take place.
Having their own spaces will greater the chances of them both being pets, meaning, they will bond with you and your family in the way you want them too. and they can truly be the pets you intend to have but at the same time can interact with each other "when observed" so no hanky panky can take place. Of course they will not totally come into maturity until they are 2 plus years but take no chances.
And again, I reiterate having their beaks, nails and wings trimmed so that you aren't afraid of the beak when you attempt to handle them. Their nails aren't painful when you hold them, and they won't fly about and get in danger when their wings are trimmed. They then become alittle more dependent on you.
So even though it's an added expense for another cage, toys etc. It will be worth your while as well as thiers.
Our Nanday - Timber, and our Sun - Deebo have separate cages in the living room where they hang most of the day, separate play pins to play on in the dining area, and separate cages in their bedroom to sleep at night !! Spoiled babies they are !! So Good Luck and we look forward to hearing from you again soon !

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