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Name:Paige & Sam
Date:Saturday March 8, 2003 3:44:05 pm MST
Subject:Switching foods and taming conures questions
Message:Hello! Today we found out that a neighbor was dying of cancer and wanted to give her nanday conure away. We have many birds but have never had conures (though we know quite a bit about them). Well, my mother offered to take the bird (who is named Sam). When we got him, I noticed that he had been plucking feathers out of his chest and off his legs and that he was on a very poor diet (he will only eat sunflower seeds and peanuts; I prefer birds to eat a pelleted diet with sunflowers seeds and peanuts as treats). Does anyone have any tips on switching him over to a pelleted diet? (I have put an extra bowl of pelleted feed in his cage in addition to his sunflower seeds) Also, he will take food from my hand but is quite shy and I don't know if he will let me pick him up. Any training tips? (Oh! And about his feather plucking - he had very few toys in his cage and I gave him more. But he has a mirror in his cage and hardly ever leaves it - should I take the mirror away?) Thanks! ~Paige & Sam

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