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Date:Thursday December 23, 2004 4:14:45 am MST
Subject:Re: Don't be afraid.
Message:The pet store has had them about 8 months. I questioned why they were giving them away and they said that no one would buy them because they are so noisy. They do have a loud annoying screech when they are vocal.   My cockatiel is always chirping...he hardly ever stops until evening. These guys only screech when the phone rings or they just want attention. They aren't as bad as it sounds. I did make some progress last night. The little boy did let me touch his beak and a little of his head. He is just dying to get out of the cage. The little girl is getting closer now and not just hanging in the back of the cage. I am not ready to give up yet. Plus I think my cockatiel is getting attached too. Do you still believe that it is possible to handle them if they are a bonded pair? A lot of folks tell me no way.

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