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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Wednesday December 22, 2004 10:36:40 pm MST
Subject:Re: vomiting
Message:Is he regurgitating to something in particular, to a favorite toy, or maybe to you? Or is he regurgitating for no reason that you can see?

Keep an eye on him, and if he continues doing it through the night, or if he's also showing any other "sick bird signs" (loss of energy, fluffed, not eating well, voice change, sneezing, change in poops not related to diet), call your vet tomorrow morning and bring him in. If you feel that something's not quite right, it's best to have him checked out. If he's sick, catching and treating it early is very important. If he's fine, the peace of mind is well worth the price.

Sharon wrote:
> Hi, Guys,
> It is late and I have no vet available. My Nanday has been vomiting
> tonight for a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes total. I have had him at
> least 11 years and have never seen this, although he does head-bob a
> great deal. He seemed to be regurgitating and not actually throwing
> up by swinging his head around. He seems fine now. Should I be
> worried?????   Thanks!!! Sharon

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