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Date:Wednesday December 22, 2004 7:18:31 pm MST
Subject:Don't be afraid.
Message:Don't be afraid, birds, like dogs tend to sense your fear and they'll make sure you just keep on being afraid if they know. My Kiwi bites and cries, and cries, and cries if I give one of my other pets attention. (I'm sure it's from abuse and neglect,, yes it hurts but I just do my best to tell her without rewards or punishments that it's a no no to bite mommy.

It strikes me, a pet store? Raffleing the birds away? Was there something wrong with the birds? Were they just tired of them? Were they becoming a behavior problem the store didn't want to deal with?

our sweethearts need you, and they need that beak storking, the body massage (Lightly), they need to know they are loved and that they are not going anywhere and that they are finally home.

Good luck Jody.


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