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Date:Wednesday December 22, 2004 12:20:26 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Birds
Message:Jody wrote:
> Jody wrote:
> > I won a pair of Nanday's and they have really never been fooled with a
> > lot. The pet store that I won them from said that there were a couple
> > of the girls that did take them out of their cages. They seem a
> > little aggressive towards us right now but really love our attention.
> > When I try to use a glove to take them out of their cage they get
> > really scared. These birds are a year and 1/2 old. Does anyone feel
> > that they will be able to be held? I really don't know a lot of their
> > back ground.
> Ha - Same name !! Ya gotta be pretty special !!
> I would stop the glove thing. Have you taken them to an avian vet for
> checkups, wing, nail & beak trims etc.? You should probably do that
> just to ensure they are healthy etc. The being scared is normal. They
> are in a new situation and it will take time for them to trust their
> new flock - you. Be calm, and continue a little at a time each day to
> get them to "step up" on your hand/finger and talk to them, praise
> them when they do !!
> They'll be skittish for awhile - but as they get used to new
> surroundings, and you and your family things will settle in. You'll
> see this transpire.
> If you don't have any prior birds - I would suggest reading up on
> your new friends. Also - just FYI - since they are paired up - it may
> be that human contact will be limited since they have each other to
> look to for affection, preening & companionship. Do you know if they
> are siblings or a pair/ male/female?? You might have breeding issues
> in a while if they are female/male.
> Also - just another issue - most stores keep the birds on seed diets.
> If this is your case - You need to get them on a pelleted, fresh
> veggie & fruit diet. Our Nanday - Timber - came to us from a breeder
> - he ate alot of sunflower seeds and Krazy Korn. I had to buy zupreem
> pellets since he wouldn't eat the Harrisons - to get him switched from
> the seeds. Now he eats pretty much everything and is a Happy Boy. Good
> Luck and there are ALOT of really good people on this board that can
> advise you so keep checking in with your questions and issues !!

They are supposedly brother and sister. They did give me the birth dates so maybe this is a true fact. I really don't know. The male is really interested in me and tries his hardest to get my attention. The little female will stay in the back of the cage and have absolutely nothing to do with anyone. I have a Lutino Cockatiel that I have raised since he was 3 weeks old. He is wonderful and we love him dearly.   I am really getting attached to the Conures and would hate to have to give them to someone else. I am sorta afraid of his beak since it is so much bigger and sharper than the cockatiel. Thanks for the advice.

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