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Date:Thursday December 9, 2004 7:18:12 am MST
Subject:Re: Houdini
Message:The wing trimming is already in the plans. I'd like to make our vet check appointment for the day we get her out here, but is that a good idea after a long (16 hr) drive? She's already going to be stressed out of her mind... Then again, if I don't make it for before she's out of her carrier, am I ever going to get her back into the carrier to go to the vet?

We do already have another Umbrella in the house (my roommates'), so I'm aware of the noise, dust, and neediness. Leila's the same age as Kiwi though (7 months old), so I don't feel like we've gotten the full brunt of The Cockatoo Experience. However, we live in the basement, so only the people that live in the house should *really* be able to hear her. Neighbors are more likely to complain about the Jack Russell that lives upstairs barking. And Houdini will definitely be in a separate room from Kiwi. We're also going to try a 30-day quarantine, but our living space might make that difficult. (I don't think Kiwi and Houdini will *ever* have direct contact, but I think if Houdini does have some hidden disease that hasn't shown up in the last fifteen years, Kiwi will be exposed regardless of what quarantine measures we take in our own home.)

As far as needing toys and attention goes, no animal is lacking in our house. I *love* new toys. So much that we've got an overflow bag going for Kiwi and an entire plastic tub for the dogs. But Houdini will be getting mostly homemade toys to spare some cost; I thought Kiwi-sized toys were expensive... Hopefully she'll get enough stimulation from toys that she won't have an urge to break out and chew on the walls. I do remember stories of grandma's birds tearing up the bird room, but I think she attributed most of the damage to the African Greys. (I'm more worried about toxicities than about our furniture though; everything we own is replaceable.)

And I expect to be bitten. I don't *want* to be, but I guess I should get used to it if I ever want to go into avian medicine, right? I'm hoping that she's got that stereotypical teddy bear personality and will open up to us willingly. If not, at least I'll have an entire empty week before I go back to school to let her get used to me. (It'd be great it she just automatically fell in love with us...) We'll see if my boyfriend decides he's going to take charge; I think he'll give up on the idea of having this one bond with him once he realizes how much time I spend cleaning and preparing food each day. I'm going into this expecting full responsibility for her, just in case.

Thanks for all the advice! Houdini will be coming home with us mid-January, so we'll see how it works out!


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