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Date:Wednesday December 8, 2004 5:32:31 pm MST
Subject:Re: Onions
Message:No, onions don't make our pets "mad", it bursts red blood cells and can cause the bird to bleed to death on the inside. The thiosulphate in the onions can cause what is called hemolytic anemia. Garlic is less of a risk but also contains smaller amounts of thiosulphate. You don't want to intentionally give your bird anything that contains onions of any form (powdered, dehydrated, raw, cooked, etc...

The anemia, if it is going to occur, peaks in approximately 3 days after ingestion. If severe enough, a blood transfusion may be required. The only symptom you may see is a bird that seems tired most of the time, perhaps lacking vitality. A study done in India in 1990 seemed to suggest that it is possible that the bird can recover in a couple of weeks on its own, but I have not heard results of any subsequent study, so I don't know if that has been confirmed or not.

This is not a risk I would want to take knowingly with my bird, dog or any other pet.

I hope this helps.

(No name) wrote:
> I need to ask a stupid question: Somewhere I read that onions weren't
> good for birds, and the effect it had on them was to make them mad.
> Is that true?
> I'm not sure cuz my cockateil use to take nibbles of onions, not a
> lot, but a little and he never got angry.
> Is there some chemical in oninos that's bad for birds?

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