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Date:Monday December 6, 2004 10:47:30 pm MST
Subject:Re: Houdini
Message:Diana treat this bird just as if she were your baby too. The birds make no distinction on how old you are. They know love when they feel it. Every enviornment is different as well. Houdini may or may not be happy about the move- you'll soon find out, but absorb her into your daily routine of play, cuddles, shower time, etc.
    If your boyfriend wants this bird to bond to him he betteer be willing and able to take on the challenge and expect to be bit a few times at least as he works with her.

        I have discovered recently that my Kiwi Anna doesn't know the difference between being gentle and playing- and she quite often thinks she's playing when biting, or attacking. It's taking time to teach her No Bite, and in the cage for 10 to 15 minutes.

But my Kiwi I discovered can find me anywhere, even in a dark hallway. I'm not sure it's too wise for her to fly after me that way, so I am considering getting her wings clipped again.

But at the same time I hesitate. I love her and Mr. Bird to use the wings God gave them. Kiwi comes if I ask her to, Mr. Bird stands on the edge of his cage and crows loudly for me to come get him............Silly bird!

Consider yourself very fortunate. I have wanted a cockatoo for some time, but I will not be adding one to my flock any time soon.

I think Houdini will have a great home with you.

Good luck!


> So I'm "inheriting" a 15+ year-old Umbrella Cockatoo named Houdini. My
> grandmother has about 20 birds in her care right now, but is getting
> too sick to care for them all. Since Houdini has a crush on Gus (a
> Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo), she needs to be the first to go
> (Gus's mate isn't too excited about Houdini's visits to the cage).
> And I agreed to take this one...
> My problem is that I've never had an adult bird (or a large bird, for
> that matter). Here's what I know about Houdini: She's probably female,
> based on behavior. My grandma has had her for about fifteen years, but
> she may have been an adult when she was purchased. Her name is Houdini
> because she has a talent for getting out of her cage and letting all
> the other birds out as well (she now has locks on every opening of
> the cage she's in). I know that she doesn't get handled much~ her
> "out of cage" time is while she's being fed in the morning and in the
> evening. She has a large cage, but she doesn't have any toys. Oh, and
> she hasn't ever had her wings clipped. That's about it...
> So what do I need to know about adult birds? I don't expect her to be
> entirely friendly at first, but we're hoping she'll warm up to us. (My
> boyfriend wants her to bond to him since Kiwi is definitely my little
> boy.) From what I've read, she seems to be old enough to have already
> gotten over that scary hormonal peak. Should I be expecting anything
> dramatically different from what I'm used to? (Obviously every bird
> is going to have its own personality, but is there anything that
> regularly changes with age?)
> Not sure exactly what I'm asking here, but there are enough bird
> experts here that I thought maybe someone could figure that out for
> me :)
> Thanks,
> Diana

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