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Date:Monday December 6, 2004 5:06:38 pm MST
Subject:Re: Naked Nanday
Message:Thanks Jennifer: Those are encouraging words. Mr. Bird came to me as a feather plucker. Since being here he has rarely done it, except occassionally. He gets busy preening and then when he screems I know he preened a little harder than he should have.
    Having Kiwi to preen has also helped, and she lets him know if he's pulling to hard, and if that happens they have a beak shaking, head popping above each other argument.

But other than that they are happy. I never would have thought about a tube sock. It sounds like a great idea.


Jennifer1 wrote:
> Hi, it's been awhile but I thought I might have some worthwhile advice
> :)
> I know someone with a Nanday that came to her plucked and he was
> still plucking. She made him a little sweater out of a small tube
> sock! It worked and he didn't pull it off.

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