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Date:Sunday December 5, 2004 1:49:13 pm MST
Subject:Re: Human Pills
Message:No worry about that Diana. I don't allow my pets to share my medication with me. It was a total accident that he even got it. I'll just have to be more conscientious about keeping my medications in bird proof and Adult proof bottles.

He's such a happy, fun bird. He's loud and obnoxious when he really wants something, helps himself to your toast weather you give him permission or not, likes to play monkey bird hanging onto the bottom of my skirt even when I ask him to please come up on my shoulder. And kleenex---------he's just got to have. He loves it even if it makes a grand mess for me. The best and my husband love all of our pets dearly

It's taming the Cockatiels that's not so easy- but we've gotten to a point we can take them out of their cages without them drawing blood. They love cuddling, but they sure squawk to tell each other how horrible it is, and yet you can tell they love every minute of it...........

Kiwi Anna: She's doing wonderful. Trouble is when she's playing sometimes it's very rough and she comes charging up to you to attack the hand. Not always but sometimes. I'm finally getting so I can tell her- no, and she's beginning to understand what it means.

She's queen of my shoulder and she lets all the birds know.
I sure love her too.

It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job as a vet student Diana. You sounded like a pro.

Anyway, I appreciate your quick, well thought out answers.


Diana wrote:
> That's the only way I would've guessed that a bird would have gotten
> into pills. Dogs are known to eat entire bottles full of pills (or
> liquid meds), but I think we'd only really have to worry about that
> with macaws and cockatoos that have a lot of unsupervised time on
> their hands (feet?). I think birds in the home environment are really
> only likely to take in a partial pill because most people (as far as I
> know) like to watch the birds when they're out. But I do think it's
> fairly common for them to get at least pieces of pills because they
> like to chew on whatever they find.
> As far as how quickly it takes for the drug to be absorbed, it really
> depends on what type of medication it is and how small the pieces
> ingested are. Some drugs absorb more rapidly in acidic conditions and
> some like a more alkaline environment. In dogs, the former pills
> absorb more rapidly because they hid an acidic environment first (the
> stomach). The further away you get from the stomach in the intestinal
> track, the more basic the fluids are. I think the pH in avian
> digestive tracts work similarly, but I couldn't tell you for sure.
> Also, smaller pieces are quicker to absorb than larger ones.
> The drug packaging is likely to have some information on how quickly
> drugs reach certain concentrations in whatever animal (including
> people) they're used in. With any species not included on the label,
> it's kind of a guessing game.
> So I'd probably worry anytime I noticed that a bird had gotten ahold
> of a pill. I'd call your vet and let them know what type of
> medication it is; if it's something safe to use in birds, there
> probably isn't a big worry. And if they're concerned about it, I'd
> rush out there to see if they could get it out or inactivate it.
> I'm glad Mr. Bird was fine; don't let him become an addict! This was
> a good lesson for me, especially because it seems like it happens
> rather often (based on the answer my vet gave without hesitation).
> ~Diana
> Linda wrote:
> > I had been sick for 19 days- too long to be ill, and I usually put any
> > and all medications I have in a pill box and into a drawer away from
> > prying eyes and curious little beasts, kids, and what have you. I
> > guess I was so ill that I forgot and left one medication- one pill on
> > top of my dresser and I just happened to walk past my dresser with Mr.
> > Bird on my shoulder. Apparently he grabbed something off my dresser

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