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Date:Sunday December 5, 2004 12:57:20 am MST
Subject:Human Pills
Message:I wasn't necessarily speaking about human liquid medication.
I posed this question because of an incident that happened with one of my birds, Mr. Bird namely.

I had been sick for 19 days- too long to be ill, and I usually put any and all medications I have in a pill box and into a drawer away from prying eyes and curious little beasts, kids, and what have you. I guess I was so ill that I forgot and left one medication- one pill on top of my dresser and I just happened to walk past my dresser with Mr. Bird on my shoulder. Apparently he grabbed something off my dresser but I didn't know until I was helping my husband put his socks on. "He had carpel tunnel surgery, and using his hand is limited. Suddenly we heard a crunch, crunch, crunch. Mr. Bird had his little foot outstretched with something in it. I thought he had cookie crumbs or bread crumbs but my husband got a good look at him and said "Honey, I think that's one of your pills? I looked again, and talk about a dance in a half. Mr. Bird was screaming, trying to hang on to his prize and I was taking it away from him and I didn't exactly care how as long as I didn't hurt him.
    Let's just say Mr. Bird's pride was hurt, and thank goodness he was ok. Apparently we caught him before he ingested too much of it, all it seemed to do was make him have more white matter in his poop than usual. He behaved normally, and was just fine.
         Needless to say, Linda is going to be much more careful about where she puts her medications, even when terribly sick.

And I also thought posing this question would be a good homework lesson for you so when you become a full fledged vet you have some of these odd type questions and the answers under your belt.

Hope that helps.
My main concern was how fast the medication would absorb into his little system, and if I had needed to get him to a vet A.S.A.P. how much time would I have, cuz my biggest fear was losing him.

Now I know you can never be to careful, especially if the bird is curious, and likes to sample everything.


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