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Date:Saturday December 4, 2004 10:07:33 am MST
Subject:Re: Steroids in birds (FYI)
Message:Linda wrote:
> Diana: I have something for you to think about, every avian vet
> should be prepared for this one: What would be the first thing you
> would do as a vet if a client brings you a pet bird that has ingested
> some people medication?

Sorry for the delay; I didn't have an answer for you, and I can't find a single online resource on it. My vet said that the first thing you do is gently milk the pill out of the crop with your hands if you can feel it in there. I'm a little skeptical of this method; I can't imagine Kiwi allowing this regardless of the amount of restraint we'd use... I also don't picture it being as simple as it sounds.

The next step would be lavage; put some distilled water in the crop then suck out all the crop's contents (hopefully, including the pill). If you can't get the pill out, activated charcoal is always a great way to bind to the drug and stop any activity it may have in an animal's system. I don't think birds would get into liquid human medicine, but I think lavage and activated charcoal would be the best way to handle it. I also don't imagine a bird swallowing an entire container of pills (like a dog would), so hopefully the charcoal could bind all of the drug.

If the bird comes in after it's already started to absorb the drug, the only thing you can do is give it supportive therapy and treat the signs; not many drugs have 'antidotes', and those would most likely have their own side effects.

I'm not sure if there are drugs that cause vomiting in birds (emetic drugs). With dogs and cats who swallow non-irritating drugs, an emetic would probably be the first line of defense. Any ideas on this?


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