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Date:Saturday December 4, 2004 8:54:30 am MST
Subject:Naked Nanday
Message:What a precious little soul he/she is. Reminds me of Mr. Bird's backside. Only, thankgoodness he's got a bunch of peach fuzz feathers on his back now. We're sure hoping that giving him time that full feathers will come back.

We're finding that he for the most part is not plucking- lots to do around our house, or to keep him curious. The problem however seems to be in preening at this time. He'll get steeped into it, and forget and yank a feather or two to hard. I know cuz he screams in pain.

Kiwi is in much better shape, but when she allows him to preen her if she doesn't hold perfectly still he gets a bit too rough and makes her cry out. But she makes it perfectly clear when it's ok to touch and when it's not.

Lately she's been on a binge and won't let my husband touch her, not even to give her a little body scritching.

I am considering buying a sweater for Mr. Bird to prevent him from even the slightest picking. (Can't watch him 24-7, and I don't) But it is chilly, and the house doesn't have much if any insulation in it.

But we'll see. I'm thinking that might be better than the Elizabeathen Collar the vet talked about.

Any thoughts????????????


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