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Date:Friday December 3, 2004 12:34:31 pm MST
Message:My husband bought me a Nanday for my birthday. Cocoa is a 4 year old male. We bought him from a lady that said she didn't have time for him. She was planning to retire but that changed so she decided to find him a new home. The day my husband and I went to see Cocoa he was very friendly. He talks and sings and dances. We brought him home. At first Cocoa went to everyone. But within a few weeks he started getting aggressive with my husband. Now three months later, he dislikes any male figure that is in my house. So much so that I can't let him loose when someone is at home. Cocoa is great with me. I don't think he would ever think about biting me. He lets me hug and kiss him or basically do whatever I want to him. He is okay with my daughters, a little protective if he is with me. But....if I am petting him through his cage and my husband walks in the room he did actually turn and bite ME! I don't know what to do. He is a great bird, I love him alot. I work from home so he is with me all day. I wanted him to be able to be out all the time but he flies to attack my husband and my son.

Please help with any suggestions on what to do to break him of his aggressive behavior with the other males in my life..


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