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Date:Thursday December 2, 2004 10:14:53 pm MST
Subject:Re: Steroids in birds (FYI)
Message:Diana wrote:
> I went to a meeting tonight for the Zoological Medicine Society. The
> topic was Emergency Medicine in Exotic Mammals, but the vet (who
> happens to be my avian vet and mentor) did mention birds at one
> point. He said that steroids should never be used in any exotic
> animal except hedgehogs, ferrets, and reptiles. In birds (and most
> exotic mammals), steroids actually cause many of the problems that
> require emergency treatment (particularly liver and heart damage).
> Not that this is the case with every injection, of course (don't
> freak out if your bird just got a dose of steroids!), but it's
> something to think about next time the vet decides to try to rule out
> disease by using generic treatments. It's also probably something I'll
> do more research on; I'll post in this thread if I find anything
> different
> ~Diana

uggg Diana, you know my situation im in w Yeager and his story. Now you are making me freak!

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