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Date:Thursday December 2, 2004 7:41:03 pm MST
Subject:Steroids in birds (FYI)
Message:I went to a meeting tonight for the Zoological Medicine Society. The topic was Emergency Medicine in Exotic Mammals, but the vet (who happens to be my avian vet and mentor) did mention birds at one point. He said that steroids should never be used in any exotic animal except hedgehogs, ferrets, and reptiles. In birds (and most exotic mammals), steroids actually cause many of the problems that require emergency treatment (particularly liver and heart damage). Not that this is the case with every injection, of course (don't freak out if your bird just got a dose of steroids!), but it's something to think about next time the vet decides to try to rule out disease by using generic treatments. It's also probably something I'll do more research on; I'll post in this thread if I find anything different


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